P.U.L Fest vol.1

26-28 July 2024​

16-120 Kundzicze

P.U.L Festival
EDM Psytrance
Podlasie Poland

Join us on an incredible festival journey celebrating the best EDM and Psytrance music. Dance under the stars in a land flowing with honey and beer, where the spirit of the wilderness sways us all to the rhythm of the most beautiful notes straight from the heart!!!

line up:

Hazel•Champa (DJ Prozak)•
Anastazja•Neill Moore (NEO)•
Vintage & Morelli•
Martin Graff•Faton•Trotyl•
Adam Obrebski•Twomael•
Om Wizard•Myzzteq•
Lukas Pike•Psyrenzo•Doxx•
Quantum Juice (Maruder)•
Bart95•MarcelHF•Simon Dark


The ultimate electronic music experience

Welcome to the P.U.L Festival

The ultimate electronic music experience in the heart of Podlasie! Dive into a world of EDM, techno, psytrance, tekno and house with an exciting lineup featuring DJ Anastazja, Vintage & Morelli, and 2SHER. Join us for captivating workshops, delicious food, and unforgettable moments. Don’t miss out on this incredible celebration of music and culture!

What can you enjoy most in life?

What could be better than a several-day festival with friends, relatives, neighbors, and distant acquaintances on P.U.L Music Festival? Join us in a land flowing with honey and beer, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, the spirit of the forest lulls us to the rhythm of the most beautiful notes straight from the heart!

A Podlasie magical aura

Burning torches and flashes of headlights will enhance our moments in a place where the sky is within reach! In the most remote region of Europe, to the east in Poland’s Green Lungs, stars and the Milky Way are so visible and breathtaking that you should bring your cameras to capture this fantastic view! In the beautiful, picturesque part of Podlasie! A place where we will celebrate freedom, unity, and love (peace, unity, love) with fantastic music from top DJs and musical artists.

Vibrant and creative festival

Fluorescent decorations and fantastic vibes will light up our paths. Art workshops, art, and readings from mantras and philosophy. The magic of life and existence, yoga, mindfulness, yin-yang, reiki, mantras, as well as quantum physics at the highest level! The evolution of music across many genres, EDM, psytrance, house, tekno, progressive, goa, deep tech, fullon, minimal, psydub, tekno, hi tech, downtempo and chillout.

Two Main Stages

Featuring a diverse lineup of artists.

Chillout Zone

With soft music, animations, and other attractions

Kids Zone

This area is for parents with children (under constant supervision)

Free Parking

The ticket price includes free parking for cars and caravans

Camping Space

The ticket price includes free camping grounds, and toilets

Shops and Stands

Gadgets, local products, and flavors.

Essential Amenities

Showers at the price of 10 PLN

Massage Tent

For those needing a bit of relaxation

Podlasie picturesque setting

Located in the beautiful countryside of Podlasie, our festival is the ultimate celebration of freedom, unity, and love. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with electrifying performances by top DJs, live acts, and vibrant visuals from Poland and across the globe like : DJ Hazel Champa aka DJ Prozac, Vintage & Morell. Djane Anaztazja ..and more

Important info:

Turn off roaming due to the border zone and encroaching networks from our neighbors. The best mobile network coverage is Plus, but signal enhancement is planned to ensure comfortable communication for all participants. All necessary information for preparing for the festival can be found in the festival regulations on the website and when purchasing tickets on the website www.ebilet.pl.

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